Herbie Hancock reissue Magic Windows on PTG records

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Herbie Hancock - Magic Windows

I think Herbie Hancock does not need any introduction. Hereby a short version, otherwise google is not happy.

Herbie Hancock, is a legendary jazz musician and composer which is active for about seven decades. He is a true innovator who has spent a lifetime exploring a range of different musical genres and enriching each of them. Hancock has had an enormous influence on acoustic and electric jazz, R&B, funk and hip-hop, winning fourteen Grammy Awards for his work.

Dutch online record shop, and record label Vinyl-Masterpiece just reissued two of Herbie Hancock masterpieces from early eighties. From 1981 'Magic Windows' (PTG 34709) and from a year later the album 'Lite Me Up' (PTG 34708). I need some glasses, can't read the small letters anymore ;-) Both albums are remastered from the original mastertapes

'Magic Windows' consist the six original tracks and a Disco Mix of Magic Windows as bonus track. During the years Herbie has worked with great musicians. Also on this album big names appear. A few of them are: Freddie Washington, Ray Parker Jr, Sylvester, Jeanie Tracy (Latter two Lead vocals on the title track), Louis Johnson, Al McKay, Gavin Christopher.

This album is produced by Herbie himself and David Rubinson.

You can but this 'Magic Windows' album at Vinyl-Masterpiece.comp

Recommended tracks, Magic Number, Tonight's the night Everybody''s broke, Help Yourself, Satisfied With Love and the instrumental track 'The Twilight Clone'..


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