Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Top R&B AlbumsCome Get It1978347
Top R&B AlbumsBustin' Out Of L Seven1979234
Top R&B AlbumsFire It Up1979529
Top R&B AlbumsGarden Of Love19801715
Top R&B AlbumsStreet Songs1981178
Top R&B AlbumsThrowin' Down1982239
Top R&B AlbumsCold Blooded1983133
Top R&B AlbumsReflections19841023
Top R&B AlbumsGlow1985729
Top R&B AlbumsThe Flag19861617
Top R&B AlbumsWonderful19881219
Top R&B AlbumsUrban Rapsody19973110
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Mary Jane1978-11-044112
Hot 100You And I1978-07-011317
Hot 100Bustin' Out1979-05-12716
Hot 100High On Your Love Suite1979-04-07726
Hot 100Give It To Me Baby1981-05-304014
Hot 100Super Freak1981-08-081624
Hot 100Dance Wit' Me1982-05-29649
Hot 100Standing On The Top1982-05-08668
Hot 100Cold Blooded1983-07-304012
Hot 100Ebony Eyes1983-12-104311
Hot 100171984-07-143614
Hot 100Can't Stop1985-03-30508

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