Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100She's Got That Vibe1992-03-145912
Hot 100Honey Love1992-05-233919
Hot 100Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ)1992-08-224319
Hot 100Dedicated1993-02-273120
Hot 100Sex Me (Parts I & II)1993-10-302019
Hot 100Your Body's Callin'1994-05-141320
Hot 100Summer Bunnies1994-08-20557
Hot 100Bump N' Grind1994-02-05125
Hot 100You Remind Me Of Something1995-11-18420
Hot 100Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)1996-03-02420
Hot 100I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)1996-07-13520
Hot 100I Believe I Can Fly1996-12-14234
Hot 100Gotham City1997-07-19920
Hot 100Lean On Me1998-12-05795
Hot 100Home Alone1998-12-056516
Hot 100When A Woman's Fed Up1998-12-262220
Hot 100I'm Your Angel1998-12-05118
Hot 100If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time1999-08-281217
Hot 100Did You Ever Think1999-05-292716
Hot 100Satisfy You1999-09-25220
Hot 100I Wish2000-09-301422
Hot 100Feelin' On Yo Booty2001-08-253619
Hot 100Guilty Until Proven Innocent2001-04-07828
Hot 100The World's Greatest2001-12-293418
Hot 100Fiesta2001-03-31621
Hot 100We Thuggin'2001-10-271520
Hot 100Ignition2002-11-09242
Hot 100Take You Home With Me A.K.A. Body2002-03-30818
Hot 100Gangsta Girl2003-12-27859
Hot 100Thoia Thoing2003-07-191320
Hot 100Step In The Name Of Love2003-08-23927
Hot 100Gigolo2003-11-152420
Hot 100Hotel2003-12-20424
Hot 100Snake2003-04-261617
Hot 100Soldier's Heart2003-04-19803
Hot 100U Saved Me2004-07-315216
Hot 100Happy People2004-04-101920
Hot 100So Sexy2004-06-262517
Hot 100Wonderful2004-10-1600
Hot 100Big Chips2004-10-23399
Hot 100So Sexy Chapter II (Like This)2004-11-13922
Hot 100In The Kitchen2005-03-0500

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