KLEEER members are Woody Cunningham. KLEEER released Seven albums from 1979 till 1985. The first album KLEEER released in the seventies is 'I Love To Dance' on ATLANTIC Records. Other albums that KLEEER recorded are 'Intimate Connection', 'License To Dream', 'Seeekret'. Seventy five albums of KLEEER reached the billboard Black Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'License To Dream' from 1981. This album debuted in 1981 on the Black Albums chart and reached number 13 and lasts 0 weeks on this chart. Other charted albums are `License To Dream' #13 (Black Albums) and `Taste The Music' #13 (Pop Albums) and `License To Dream' #13 (Top R&B Albums) and `Winners' #14 (Pop Albums) and `Taste The Music' #31 (Black Albums) and `Intimate Connection' #49 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) and `I Love To Dance' #53 (Black Albums) and `License To Dream' #81 (Pop Albums) From 1978 till 1985 KLEEER released also twenty zero singles. The first single KLEEER released in the seventies is 'Keeep Your Body Workin'' on ATLANTIC Records. Other released tracks are 'De Ting Continues (1982 / ATLANTIC)', 'Get Tough (1980 / ATLANTIC)', 'Go For It (1984 / ATLANTIC)', 'Intimate Connection (1984 / ATLANTIC)'.

Kleeer are Woody Cunningham, Richard Lee Jr, Norman Durham, Paul Crutchfield, the band have had a few name changes in its history, formed in 1972. Originally, they called themselves Pipeline, but they changed their name to the Jam by the mid-'70s. In 1977, they were forced to change their name again, as the British punk band the Jam (Paul Weller) became a sensation; their new name was the Universal Robot Band. In 1979, they signed to Atlantic Records, and by the time they released their first album, they had changed their name to Kleeer, and became a cult band in the UK, & US and enjoyed a string of hit in the R&B Charts, in the US national charts and they had 3 top 40 enters only 2 in the top50 in the UK the only one both sides of the water being 'Get Tough' although 'Keep That Body Working' is the track that they are remembered for.

Members of the Kleeer are: Woody Cunningham
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