Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsTemptin' Temptations196510
Black AlbumsThe Temptations Sing Smokey196510
Black AlbumsGettin' Ready196610
Black AlbumsThe Temptations Greatest Hits196610
Black AlbumsTemptations Live!196710
Black AlbumsWith A Lot O' Soul196710
Black AlbumsDiana Ross & The Supremes Join the Temptations196810
Black AlbumsThe Temptations in a Mellow Mood196810
Black AlbumsWish It Would Rain196810
Black AlbumsCloud Nine196910
Black AlbumsPuzzle People196910
Black AlbumsTCB196910
Black AlbumsLive At The Copa196920
Black AlbumsThe Temptations Show196920
Black AlbumsOn Broadway196940
Black AlbumsTogether196960
Black AlbumsPsychedelic Shack197010
Black AlbumsTemptations Greatest Hits II197020
Black AlbumsLive at London's Talk of The Town197050
Black AlbumsSky's The Limit197120
Black AlbumsAll Directions197210
Black AlbumsSolid Rock197210
Black AlbumsMasterpiece197310
Black AlbumsAnthology197350
Black Albums1990197420
Black AlbumsA Song For You197510
Black AlbumsThe Temptations Do The Temptations1976100
Black AlbumsHouse Party1976110
Black AlbumsWings Of Love197630
Black AlbumsHear To Tempt You1977380
Black AlbumsBare Back1978460
Black AlbumsPower1980130
Black AlbumsThe Temptations1981360
Black AlbumsReunion198220
Black AlbumsSurface Thrills1983190
Pop AlbumsMeet The Temptations1964950
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations Sing Smokey1965350
Pop AlbumsTemptin' Temptations1966110
Pop AlbumsGettin' Ready1966120
Pop AlbumsTemptations Live!1967100
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations Greatest Hits196750
Pop AlbumsWith A Lot O' Soul196770
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations in a Mellow Mood1968130
Pop AlbumsWish It Would Rain1968130
Pop AlbumsTCB196910
Pop AlbumsLive At The Copa1969150
Pop AlbumsDiana Ross & The Supremes Join the Temptations196920
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations Show1969240
Pop AlbumsTogether1969280
Pop AlbumsOn Broadway1969380
Pop AlbumsCloud Nine196940
Pop AlbumsPuzzle People196950
Pop AlbumsTemptations Greatest Hits II1970150
Pop AlbumsLive at London's Talk of The Town1970210
Pop AlbumsPsychedelic Shack197090
Pop AlbumsSky's The Limit1971160
Pop AlbumsAll Directions197220
Pop AlbumsSolid Rock1972240
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations' Christmas Card197240
Pop AlbumsAnthology1973650
Pop AlbumsMasterpiece197370
Pop Albums19901974190
Pop AlbumsA Song For You1975130
Pop AlbumsHouse Party1975400
Pop AlbumsWings Of Love1976290
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations Do The Temptations1976530
Pop AlbumsHear To Tempt You1978110
Pop AlbumsPower1980450
Pop AlbumsThe Temptations1981110
Pop AlbumsReunion1982370
Pop AlbumsSurface Thrills1983150
Pop AlbumsGive Love At Christmas198360
The Billboard 200Back To Basics1984150
The Billboard 200Truly For You1985550
The Billboard 200To Be Continued1986100
The Billboard 20025th Anniversary1986140
The Billboard 200Touch Me1986140
The Billboard 200Together Again1987110
The Billboard 200The Ultimate Collection1998130
The Billboard 200Phoenix Rising1998440
The Billboard 200Ear-Resistible2000540
The Billboard 200Awesome2001140
The Billboard 200My Girl: The Very Best Of The Temptations2002160
Top R&B AlbumsCloud Nine196910
Top R&B AlbumsPsychedelic Shack197010
Top R&B AlbumsAll Directions197210
Top R&B AlbumsSolid Rock197210
Top R&B AlbumsMasterpiece197310
Top R&B Albums1990197420
Top R&B AlbumsA Song For You197510
Top R&B AlbumsThe Temptations Do The Temptations1976100
Top R&B AlbumsHouse Party1976110
Top R&B AlbumsWings Of Love197630
Top R&B AlbumsHear To Tempt You1977380
Top R&B AlbumsBare Back1978460
Top R&B AlbumsPower1980130
Top R&B AlbumsThe Temptations1981360
Top R&B AlbumsReunion198220
Top R&B AlbumsSurface Thrills1983190
Top R&B AlbumsBack To Basics1983510
Top R&B AlbumsBack To Basics1984300
Top R&B AlbumsTruly For You198530
Top R&B AlbumsTouch Me1986200
Top R&B AlbumsTogether Again1987120
Top R&B AlbumsSpecial1989250
Top R&B AlbumsMilestone1992880
Top R&B AlbumsFor Lovers Only1995430
Top R&B AlbumsPhoenix Rising199880
Top R&B AlbumsAwesome2001270
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsBack To Basics1983510
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsBack To Basics1984300
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsTruly For You198530
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsTouch Me1986200
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsTo Be Continued198640
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums25th Anniversary1986550
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsTogether Again1987120
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsSpecial1989250
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsMilestone1992880
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsFor Lovers Only1995430
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsThe Ultimate Collection1998600
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsPhoenix Rising199880
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsEar-Resistible2000160
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsAwesome2001270
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsThe Best Of The Temptations Christmas2001600
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsThe Best Of The Temptations Christmas2002550
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Adult Contemporary0000-00-0000
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Disco Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100Barbara1960-04-182910
Hot 100I'll Be In Trouble1964-05-30339
Hot 100The Way You Do The Things You Do1964-02-291111
Hot 100Why You Wanna Make Me Blue1964-09-12268
Hot 100It's Growing1965-04-03189
Hot 100My Girl1965-01-16113
Hot 100My Baby1965-10-23137
Hot 100Since I Lost My Baby1965-07-241710
Hot 100Don't Look Back1965-12-18835
Hot 100Ain't Too Proud To Beg1966-05-281313
Hot 100Get Ready1966-02-26297
Hot 100(I Know) I'm Losing You1966-11-19810
Hot 100Beauty Is Only Skin Deep1966-08-20312
Hot 100It's You That I Need1967-10-14149
Hot 100You're My Everything1967-07-29612
Hot 100All I Need Is You1967-04-29810
Hot 100Cloud Nine1968-11-16612
Hot 100I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)1968-05-041310
Hot 100I Wish It Would Rain1968-01-13414
Hot 100Please Return Your Love To Me1968-08-03267
Hot 100I'm Gonna Make You Love Me1968-12-07213
Hot 100I'll Try Something New1969-03-15257
Hot 100Run Away Child, Running Wild1969-02-15612
Hot 100The Weight1969-09-13465
Hot 100Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down1969-05-24208
Hot 100I Can't Get Next To You1969-08-16117
Hot 100Psychedelic Shack1970-01-17711
Hot 100Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World)1970-10-03337
Hot 100Ball Of Confusion1970-05-23315
Hot 100Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)1971-11-061810
Hot 100It's Summer1971-07-24516
Hot 100Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)1971-02-06115
Hot 100Papa Was A Rollin' Stone1972-10-14116
Hot 100Mother Nature1972-07-01924
Hot 100Take A Look Around1972-03-04308
Hot 100Let Your Hair Down1973-12-22279
Hot 100Plastic Man1973-06-09408
Hot 100Masterpiece1973-02-24714
Hot 100Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)1973-08-183511
Hot 100Happy People1974-12-214010
Hot 100You've Got My Soul On Fire1974-06-22746
Hot 100Heavenly1974-03-16439
Hot 100Shakey Ground1975-03-222614
Hot 100Glasshouse1975-07-123710
Hot 100Up The Creek (Without A Paddle)1976-07-17943
Hot 100Keep Holding On1976-02-07546
Hot 100Power1980-05-10439
Hot 100Aiming At Your Heart1981-09-19675
Hot 100Standing On The Top1982-05-08668
Hot 100Love On My Mind Tonight1983-04-16883
Hot 100Treat Her Like A Lady1984-12-154814
Hot 100Sail Away1984-04-07548
Hot 100Lady Soul1986-10-114711
Hot Dance Music/Club Play0000-00-0000
Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales0000-00-0000
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks0000-00-0000
Pop Singles0000-00-0000
The Billboard 2000000-00-0000
The Billboard Hot 1000000-00-0000

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