Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Top R&B AlbumsNext In Line1980473
Top R&B AlbumsControllers1984478
Top R&B AlbumsStay19862518
Top R&B AlbumsFor The Love Of My Woman1987721
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Top R&B SinglesThe People Want Music1976-08-14825
Top R&B SinglesSomebody's Gotta Win, Somebody's Gotta Lose1977-10-15819
Top R&B SinglesHeaven Is Only One Step Away1978-02-253710
Top R&B SinglesIf Somebody Cares1978-12-23659
Top R&B SinglesI Can't Turn The Boogie Loose1979-09-29904
Top R&B SinglesWe Don't1980-02-02439
Top R&B SinglesMy Love Is Real1982-04-24765
Top R&B SinglesCrushed1984-09-013014
Top R&B SinglesJust For You (Feat. Valerie DeNece)1985-02-16853
Top R&B SinglesStay1986-03-221216
Top R&B SinglesDistant Lover1986-07-053412
Top R&B SinglesSleeping Alone1987-08-292412
Top R&B SinglesPlaytime1988-02-27697
Top R&B SinglesTemporary Lovers1989-04-014310
Top R&B SinglesJust In Time1989-08-12873

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