LEVERT members are Marc Gordon, Gerald Levert, Sean Levert. LEVERT released Seven albums from 1985 till 1997. The first album LEVERT released in the eighties is 'I Get Hot' on TEMPRE Records. Other albums that LEVERT recorded are 'The Big Throwdown', 'For Real Tho'', 'Just Coolin'', 'Rope A Dope Style'. Six albums of LEVERT reached the billboard Top R&B Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'Whole Scenario' from 1997. This album debuted 29 March 1997 on the Top R&B Albums chart and reached number 10 and lasts 18 weeks on this chart. Other charted albums are `The Big Throwdown' #3 (Top R&B Albums) and `For Real Tho'' #5 (Top R&B Albums) and `Just Coolin'' #6 (Top R&B Albums) and `Bloodline' #8 (Top R&B Albums) and `Rope A Dope Style' #9 (Top R&B Albums) From 1985 till 1993 LEVERT released also eight singles. The first single LEVERT released in the eighties is 'I'm Still' on TEMPRE Records. Other released tracks are 'Casanova (1987 / ATLANTIC)', '(pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind (1986 / ATLANTIC)', 'Fascination (1986 / ATLANTIC)'.

LeVert is an R&B group, formed in Ohio in 1984, comprising of Sean and Gerald LeVert, the sons of O'Jays founder Eddie LeVert, as well as Marc Gordon. In 1985 the group released I Get Hot, and Bloodline followed in 1986. The Big Throwdown, and Just Coolin' , released in 1987 and 1988, respectively, both received gold certification. Beginning in the 1990s, Gerald began dividing his time between LeVert, and his solo career, but the band released three more albums, and Rhino Records released a greatest hits album in 2001. Add/Complete Bio


Regina Belle - Reachin' Back (1995)
(Drums/Vocals/Background/Vocal Arrangement Keyboard/Programming/Keyboards Sequencing/Producer)

Rhonda Clark - Rhonda Clark (1992)
(Arranger/Producer Vocal Arrangement/Vocals/background)

Miki Howard - Miki Howard (1989)

Freddie Jackson - Private Party (1995)
(Arranger Vocal Arrangement/Vocals/background/Producer)

Millie Jackson - The Tide Is Turning (1988)
(Producer Rhythm Arrangements)

Millie Jackson - The Tide Is Turning (1988)
(Keyboards Rhythm Arrangements/Vocals/background/Producer)

Joe - All That I Am (1997)

Gerald Levert - Private Line (1991)
(Arranger/Vocals/Background/Vocal Arrangement/Producer/Main/Performer)

Gerald Levert - Groove On (1994)
(Arranger/Main/Performer Vocal Arrangement Vocals/Background/Vocals/Producer/Liner Notes)

Gerald Levert - Father And Son (1995)
(Producer Vocal Arrangement Vocals/background/Vocals Sequencing/main/Performer/Arranger/Drums/Keyboard/Programming)

Gerald Levert - Father And Son (1995)
(Main Performer/performer/Vocals/background)

Gerald Levert - Love & Consequences (1998)
(Performer Vocals/Vocals/Background)

Gerald Levert - Love & Consequences (1998)
(Arranger Keyboard/Programming Vocals/Background/Vocals/Vocal Arrangement Sequencing/Rap Producer/Main/Performer/Keyboards/Executive/Producer/Drums)

Gerald Levert - Love & Consequences (1998)
(Performer Vocals/Background/Vocals)

Gerald Levert - G (1999)
(Arranger/Drums/Keyboard/Programming Vocals/Background/Vocals/Vocal Arrangement Sequencing/Producer/Main/Performer)

Gerald Levert - Gerald's World (2001)
(Arranger/Drums/Keyboard/Programming Sequencing Producer/Main/Performer/Executive/Producer Vocal Arrangement Vocals/Background/Vocals)

Gerald Levert - Gerald's World (2001)
(Arranger/Vocals/Producer/Vocal Arrangement)

Gerald Levert - The G Spot (2002)
(Arranger Engineer/Executive Producer Vocal Arrangement Vocals/Vocals/Background/Vocal/Engineer/Producer)

Gerald Levert - Stroke Of Genius (2003)
(Drum/Programming/Executive Producer/Producer Vocals/Background/Vocals/Vocal Arrangement/Percussion)

Gerald Levert - Do I Speak For The World (2004)
(Executive Producer/Producer Vocals/Vocals/Background/Vocal Arrangement/Percussion Inspiration/Keyboards)

Lsg - Levert, Sweat, Gill (1997)
(Arranger/Drums/Executive Producer/Producer/Mixing/Keyboard/Programming/Engineer Sequencing Vocals/Background/Vocals)

Lsg - Lsg 2 (2003)
(Arranger/Keyboards/Producer Group Membersequencing/Vocals/background/Vocal Arrangement)

Geoff Mcbride - Do You Remember Love (1990)
(Arranger/Producer/Vocals/background/Vocal Arrangement)

Men At Large - Men At Large (1992)
(Arranger Vocal Arrangement/Producer/Vocals)

Men At Large - One Size Fits All (1994)
(Arranger/Performer/Vocal Arrangement/Producer)

Stephanie Mills - Home (1989)

New Edition - Home Again (1996)
(Producer/Vocal Arrangement)

One Of The Girls - One Of The Girls (1993)
(Arranger/Keyboards Vocal Arrangement/Vocals/background/Producer)

Kelly Price - Mirror Mirror (2000)
(Vocals Vocals/Background)

Gene Rice - Gene Rice (1993)
(Arranger/Producer/Vocals/background/vocal Arrangement)

Rude Boys - Rude Awakening (1990)
(bell Arrangements String Arrangements Vocals/background/Vocal Arrangement/Producer/Arranger)

Rude Boys - Rude House (1992)

Silk - Lose Control (1992)

Silk - Lose Control (1992)

Silk - Silk (1995)
(Drum Programming/Producer Sequencing/vocal Arrangement/keyboard/Programming)

The Temptations - Ear-resistable (2000)
(Arranger/Drums Keyboard/Programming/Keyboards/Vocal Arrangement/Producer)

Troop - Attitude (1989)
(Arranger Vocal Arrangement/vocals/background/producer)

Keith Washington - You Make It Easy (1993)
(Arranger/Producer/Vocal Arrangement)

Christopher Williams - Adventures In Paradise (1989)
(Producer/Vocals/background/Vocal Arrangement)

The Winans - All Out (1993)
(Arranger/Vocal Arrangement/Producer)

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