Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Make It Last Forever1988-07-235911
Hot 100I Want Her1988-01-16520
Hot 100Something Just Ain't Right1988-05-14795
Hot 100Make You Sweat1990-06-021421
Hot 100All Nite1990-01-13717
Hot 100I'll Give All My Love To You1990-12-01720
Hot 100Your Love1991-06-15719
Hot 100Keep It Comin'1991-11-301720
Hot 100Why Me Baby?1992-04-114417
Hot 100Get Up On It1994-10-156216
Hot 100How Do You Like It?1994-03-264820
Hot 100When I Give My Love1994-08-06854
Hot 100Nobody1996-10-05335
Hot 100Twisted1996-06-22238
Hot 100Come With Me1997-06-146811
Hot 100Am I Dreaming1998-02-073113
Hot 100Come And Get With Me1998-10-241215
Hot 100I'm Not Ready1999-03-131610

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