Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsNo Sad Songs1968220
Black AlbumsThe Chokin' Kind1969180
Black AlbumsSimon Sings1969410
Black AlbumsThe Sounds Of Simon197190
Black AlbumsDrowning In The Sea Of Love1972110
Black AlbumsThe Power Of Joe Simon1973150
Black AlbumsJoe Simon's Greatest Hits Featuring Misty Blue1973200
Black AlbumsSimon County1973570
Black AlbumsMood, Heart And Soul1974440
Black AlbumsGet Down1975100
Black AlbumsJoe Simon Today1976350
Black AlbumsEasy To Love1977560
Black AlbumsLove Vibrations1979340
Black AlbumsGlad You Came My Way1981490
Black SinglesIt's Hard To Get Along1969260
Black SinglesSan Francisco Is A Lonely Town1969290
Pop AlbumsJoe Simon...better than ever1969190
Pop AlbumsThe Chokin' Kind1969810
Pop AlbumsThe Sounds Of Simon1971150
Pop AlbumsDrowning In The Sea Of Love1972710
Pop AlbumsThe Best Of Joe Simon1973140
Pop AlbumsThe Power Of Joe Simon1973970
Pop AlbumsGet Down1975120
Pop SinglesSan Francisco Is A Lonely Town1969790
Pop SinglesIt's Hard To Get Along1969870
Top Gospel AlbumsThe Story Must Be Told1998270
Top R&B AlbumsThe Sounds Of Simon197190
Top R&B AlbumsDrowning In The Sea Of Love1972110
Top R&B AlbumsMood, Heart And Soul1974440
Top R&B AlbumsGet Down1975100
Top R&B AlbumsJoe Simon Today1976350
Top R&B AlbumsEasy To Love1977560
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100Teenager's Prayer1966-06-18667
Hot 100My Special Prayer1967-02-04875
Hot 100Nine Pound Steel1967-09-23709
Hot 100Lookin' Back1968-12-07706
Hot 100Message From Maria1968-09-28754
Hot 100I Worry About You1968-11-16981
Hot 100(You Keep Me) Hangin' On1968-04-132515
Hot 100No Sad Songs1968-01-06497
Hot 100It's Hard To Get Along1969-10-18873
Hot 100San Francisco Is A Lonely Town1969-09-27793
Hot 100Chokin' Kind1969-03-221312
Hot 100Baby, Don't Be Looking In My Mind1969-06-21725
Hot 100Moon Walk, Part I1970-01-03548
Hot 100Farther On Down The Road1970-04-18568
Hot 100Yours Love1970-08-01787
Hot 100Your Time To Cry1970-12-194013
Hot 100That's The Way I Want Our Love1970-10-31933
Hot 100Drowning In The Sea Of Love1971-11-271113
Hot 100All My Hard Times1971-09-25932
Hot 100Help Me Make It Through The Night1971-05-15694
Hot 100You're The One For Me1971-07-24715
Hot 100Misty Blue1972-10-21915
Hot 100Trouble In My Home1972-12-0200
Hot 100Power Of Love1972-07-081115
Hot 100I Found My Dad /1972-11-045011
Hot 100Pool Of Bad Luck1972-03-25428
Hot 100River1973-11-17627
Hot 100Step By Step1973-02-173712
Hot 100Theme From &Cleopatra Jones&1973-07-281813
Hot 100Get Down Get Down (Get On The Floor)1975-04-05817
Hot 100Music In My Bones1975-08-23924
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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