Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsPeople...Hold On1972130
Black AlbumsGoin' Up In Smoke1976220
Black AlbumsHe's A Friend197630
Black AlbumsVintage '781978330
Black AlbumsAt His Best1978480
Black AlbumsLove Keys1981620
Pop AlbumsAll By Myself1971800
Pop AlbumsPeople...Hold On1972130
Pop AlbumsEddie Kendricks1973180
Pop AlbumsBoogie Down!1974300
Pop AlbumsFor You1975100
Pop AlbumsThe Hit Man1975630
Pop AlbumsGoin' Up In Smoke1976140
Pop AlbumsHe's A Friend1976380
Pop AlbumsVintage '781978180
Top R&B AlbumsAll By Myself000000
Top R&B AlbumsBoogie Down!000000
Top R&B AlbumsEddie Kendricks000000
Top R&B AlbumsFor You000000
Top R&B AlbumsSlick000000
Top R&B AlbumsSomething More000000
Top R&B AlbumsThe Hit Man000000
Top R&B AlbumsAll By Myself197160
Top R&B AlbumsEddie Kendricks197350
Top R&B AlbumsBoogie Down!1974116
Top R&B AlbumsFor You197580
Top R&B AlbumsThe Hit Man197590
Top R&B AlbumsSlick1977470
Top R&B AlbumsVintage'7819783321
Top R&B AlbumsSomething More1980690
Top R&B AlbumsLove Keys1981623
Top R&B AlbumsRuffin And Kendrick1987605
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Disco Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100It's So Hard For Me To Say Goodbye1971-05-29883
Hot 100If You Let Me1972-10-07668
Hot 100Eddie's Love1972-06-10777
Hot 100Girl You Need A Change Of Mind1973-02-24873
Hot 100Darling Come Back Home1973-07-14675
Hot 100Keep On Truckin'1973-08-25119
Hot 100Boogie Down1974-01-05218
Hot 100Son Of Sagittarius1974-05-11288
Hot 100One Tear1974-12-07718
Hot 100Tell Her Love Has Felt The Need1974-08-105010
Hot 100Shoeshine Boy1975-02-151818
Hot 100Get The Cream Off The Top1975-07-12508
Hot 100Happy1975-10-116613
Hot 100He's A Friend1976-02-143612
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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