Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100My Best Friend's Girl1978-10-213515
Hot 100Just What I Needed1978-06-172717
Hot 100Good Times Roll1979-03-174110
Hot 100Let's Go1979-06-301415
Hot 100It's All I Can Do1979-10-134110
Hot 100Touch And Go1980-09-063711
Hot 100Shake It Up1981-11-21422
Hot 100Since You're Gone1982-03-27419
Hot 100Hello Again1984-10-272015
Hot 100You Might Think1984-03-10717
Hot 100Magic1984-05-191217
Hot 100Drive1984-08-04319
Hot 100Tonight She Comes1985-11-02717
Hot 100Why Can't I Have You1985-01-263317
Hot 100I'm Not The One1986-02-013211
Hot 100Strap Me In1987-11-14854
Hot 100You Are The Girl1987-08-291714
Hot 100Coming Up You1988-01-23745

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