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Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Thread The Needle1967-06-24981
Hot 100Too Weak To Fight1968-11-091315
Hot 100Slip Away1968-07-13616
Hot 100Funky Fever1968-06-01883
Hot 100Looking For A Fox1968-01-20628
Hot 100Snatching It Back1969-03-013110
Hot 100Doin' Our Thing1969-09-27469
Hot 100The Feeling Is Right1969-06-21656
Hot 100Patches1970-07-18414
Hot 100I Can't Leave Your Love Alone1970-04-114214
Hot 100It's All In Your Mind1970-11-07519
Hot 100Take It Off Him And Put It On Me1970-02-14944
Hot 100The Court Room1971-05-08616
Hot 100Slipped, Tripped & Fell In Love1971-08-07845
Hot 100Mother-In-Law /1973-06-096512
Hot 100Sixty Minute Man1973-07-0700

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